Published August 30, 2021
The law "On Amendments to Laws on Advocacy Issues" was adopted and included in the National Register on May 27, 2021. The law itself attracted a lot of attention both from lawyers’ community as well as from public; experts believe that the changes are aimed at reducing the independence of the legal profession.
In this article, you will find a guide on significant changes in the activities of Belarusian lawyers, lawyers' self-government bodies and the role of the Ministry of Justice in the life of the legal profession, introduced by the recent legal amendments. New additions to the Articles of the Law on Lawyers and Advocacy (hereafter – the Law) are underlined.
Simplified procedure for obtaining the status of a lawyer for students without experience, representatives of courts, prosecutors, investigators
Changes to the Law concerning the forms of law activity
Context: Until now, it was possible to practice law in 3 forms in Belarus: in legal consultations, law offices and individually. With amendments to the legislation on the legal profession entering into force, only one form from this list remains - legal consultations.

The concepts of “a law office” and “a lawyer, practicing law individual” are excluded from Part 2 of Art. 7; paragraph 11, Part 1 of Art. 38; Part 2 of Art. 39 of the Law, etc.
Article 31 (Law offices) and article 33 (Law activities, implemented individually) are excluded from the Law. The only form of practicing the law remains, in accordance with Article 29 of the Law, - legal consultations.
Changes in the procedure for the election of governing bodies
Рowers of the Ministry of Justice
Territorial Bar Council
Chairman of the Bar
Article 7 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus, May 27, 2021, No 113-З “On Amendments to the Laws on the Issues of Advocacy”
"Meetings of partners of law offices must decide to terminate of the activities of law offices within five months, including through liquidation procedure."
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