Maxim Znak's "Zekamerone" is out - availiable in Belarus

Boris Pasternak, General Director of the Russian publishing house "Vremya", has announced on his Facebook page that “Zekamerone” (an allusion to Decamerone) by Maxim Znak came out in print. It can be found in the Ozon and Wildberries online stores, as well as ordinary Russian bookstores. 

“If you suddenly see “not for sale” on the site, leave a request — the book will be available the next day. The author is clued-in, but he has not seen the book yet. We hope he will receive it from his relatives with the New Year's parcel,” Pasternak writes.

“Today he was on duty, and on this occasion he presented the tools bought with the last purchase: scooop (as it was written), a mop. Plumbing detergent, washing powder (add a pinch when washing the floor for freshness) and sponges. To manage to buy this fanciness here — rare luck!
10 minutes after the beginning of cleaning, he looked, surprised, at a small black pile of garbage. The new "scooop" had to be filled twice. Yesterday’s pile was exactly the same. Desperate to understand who carries garbage into the cell, he decided to ask:
— We tidied up yesterday, didn't we? Where does it all come from?
— Well, look: dust from blankets, from cotton wool, small pieces of plaster from the walls, whitewash from the ceiling. This is us. We are gradually destroying the prison."

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