Nasta Loika’s Trial Is to Be Held Behind Closed Doors

Virtually immediately after the beginning of the trial against Nasta Loika, the judge decided to close the session to the public. The session is conducted by judge Alyona Shilko.

It is known that Nasta has been experiencing stomach problems while in custody. Being a vegan, she is unable to consume the prison food. Nasta has served 5 consecutive administrative imprisonment terms. During one of the court sessions, she mentioned that she had been taken to meet with employees of the GUBOPiK (Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption) employees twice, where she was subjected to a taser once. On November 11, a detention facility officer took her out into the courtyard and left her without her outer clothing for eight hours. As a result, Nasta fell seriously ill.
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