Attorney Yulia Yurgilevich is Declared Political Prisoner

Human rights defenders have declared 6 more persons political prisoners, including attorney Yulia Yurgilevich, detained in August 2022. All in all, there are 1,357 political prisoners in Belarus.

Yulia's mother, attorney Yanina Yurgilevich, was detained on October 17, however, she was released the same day. The reason for her detention is unknown. 

Yulia Yurgilevich had worked as a lawyer for almost 18 years. She defended political prisoners Ales Pushkin, Artem Boyarsky, Igor Bantser, Andrei Osievich, and Andrei Sokolovsky. On February 23, 2022, she was expelled from the Grodno Regional Bar Association for "systematic violations of the law."

After her license was revoked, the attorney left Belarus in February but has now returned.

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