Attorney Alexander Danilevich’s Trial Begins on 10 March

The trial of politically imprisoned attorney Alexander Danilevich will start on 10 March.

He is charged with abetting calls for restrictive measures (sanctions) (Article 361, Part 3 of the Criminal Code) and facilitation of extremist activity (Article 361-4, Part 1 of the Criminal Code). His trial will begin on March 10. The case will be heard by judge Tatsiana Falkouskaya.

According to the human rights organizations, the preparation of the letters and documents to Yara Norwegian company as a "clear example of criminal activity" incriminated to A. Danilevich is a legitimate act of legal assistance, as it was aimed at calling Yara to comply with business and human rights standards and its obligations in this area, as set out in the 2011 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and in the corporate policies of the company.

Persecution of lawyers for their professional activities both on the part of state bodies and bar associations creates an atmosphere of intimidation and distrust in the legal profession and has a "chilling effect" on those lawyers who still work in accordance with international standards.
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