Yulia Yurgilevich trial: the second day. According to Yulia, she was being held in "bestial conditions"

Since July 10, the trial of journalist Pavel Mazheika and attorney Yulia Yurgilevich has been ongoing in the Grodno Regional Court since July 10.

According to investigators, Yulia informed Pavel about her expulsion from the Bar and the verdict against Ales Pushkin during a phone conversation. The prosecution is attempting to prove that Pavel posted this information on the "Be**at" page, but the specific method, timing, and individuals involved in transmitting the information have not been specified.

Both Pavel and Yulia have denied their guilt. Yulia has stated that she was subjected to "bestial conditions" and was not allowed to familiarize herself with the case materials. In court, the defendants refused to testify, and Pavel Mazheika selectively answered questions. Ivan Mozheyko, the journalist's father, declined to testify against his son.

The Right to Defense Project has released a statement regarding the charges. Attorney Yulia Yurgilevich is accused of publicly disclosing information about the revocation of her license and removal from the Bar (this information was already known). The project considers these charges to serve as a pretext for the criminal prosecution of a lawyer for her professional activities and her defense of political prisoners.

The case is being handled by Judge Maxim Filatov, who previously sentenced Vitold Ashurak to five years in prison. We remind you that Vitold died in May 2021 under unknown circumstances while in custody.

Yulia Yurgilevich previously served as the attorney for the artist Ales Pushkin, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for "inciting discord" and "desecration of state symbols" in March 2022. Yulia is accused, in particular, of allegedly publicizing information about the sentence imposed on Pushkin. His death was reported on July 11th, and the news deeply impacted Belarusian society.

You can find information about the first day of the trial at this link.
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