10 More: the Results of Another Certification Under Qualification Commission

On May 19 , 2022 the Qualification Commission on the Issues of Advocacy in the Republic of Belarus conducted a regular certification of lawyers, as well as an extraordinary one.
Attorneys Aleksandr Baranovskiy, Vitaly Lebedev, Larisa Stelmaschuk hadn’t passed certification due to “poor expertise”. 
The Qualification Commission disbarred Irina Kovaliova, Maria Kolesova-Gudilina, Igor Kostyuk, Natalia Metelitsa, Valery Savostyanchik, Vladimir Shlyakhto in connection with “the inability of lawyers to perform their professional duties due to poor expertise" – as well as Andrey Atamanchuk (due to his subjection to disciplinary penalty in the form of exclusion from the Minsk Regional Bar Association for misconduct incompatible with the lawyer’s title).
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