9 Lawyers Lost Their Right to Practice On December 1

About two of them - Vladimir Pylchenko and Viktor Matskevich - we have already written.

In addition to them, a week ago, based on the results of the certification, the Qualification Commission made decisions on the impossibility of fulfillment of their professional duties due to insufficient qualifications by lawyers Davydchik M.A., Kosmach S.S., Mamonko G.M., Yagodinsky V.I. .

The Qualification Commission also made decisions on terminating licenses in respect of Dembitsky E.I., Pechersky V.V. in connection with the application of disciplinary sanctions against lawyers in the form of exclusion from the territorial bars of lawyers for committing offenses incompatible with the title of a lawyer (committing actions that discredit the title of a lawyer and the bar); Asievskaya L.I. – in connection with the decision by the Qualification Commission on November 3, 2022 that the lawyer cannot perform her professional duties due to insufficient qualifications.
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