The Fourth Disbarred Attorney Has Managed to Proceed with his Practice in Russia

The Moscow Region Bar Association admitted attorney Evgeny Maslov to its ranks. The lawyer posted on social networks: “I am an attorney again, not in Belarus, but in the Russian Federation... Now in Moscow everything starts from scratch. One thing is always the same –– decency, honesty and responsibility. And the battle is back”.

Earlier, in September 2021, he was disbarred in Belarus during a certification in the Ministry of Justice Qualification Commission. As a result of the certification, the decision was made that the attorneys of Maslov, Gashinsky & Partners were unable to perform their professional duties “due to poor expertise”

The lawyer defended persons involved in high-profile cases who had been subjected to administrative arrest.

Maslov has become the fourth attorney to be licensed in Russia after being disbarred in Belarus. Prior to that, Anton Gashinsky, Alexander Filanovich and Sergey Ivanov had turned to legal practice in the Russian Federation.

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