Maria Kolesnikova's Lawyer Not Allowed To Meet Her Again

For the second day in a row, the administration of penal colony No 4 refuses to respect Maria's right to see a lawyer. Her lawyer filed complaints about penal colony's personnel illegal actions to the prosecutor's office of Gomel and Directorate of the Department for the Execution of Punishments of the Gomel region. Also, the lawyer appealed a penalty in the form of placement in a punishment cell, a trial on the appeal will take place in the next 10 days.

Maria's lawyer commented on why she was denied the right to see a lawyer: “The reasons are unknown to me, but I can say for sure that there aren't and cannot be legal grounds for such refusal. Citizens have the right to use legal assistance at any time, and officials of state bodies - whether they want it or not - are obliged to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of a citizen are respected. And especially when it comes to punishment cells. Otherwise, how will a citizen who disagrees with the penalty appeal being placed in a punishment cell?
Article 62 of the Constitution prohibits hindering the provision of legal aid. The assessment of the actions of the officials of penal colony No.4 will be given by law enforcement agencies, since on 11/23/2022 I filed a complaint to the prosecutor's office of Gomel on this issue.
As a pretext for refusal, the following was reported: allegedly, Maria didn't file an application for permission to meet with a lawyer, and since she is in a punishment cell (where writing utensils and paper are prohibited), it is not possible to receive an appeal from her. Such an excuse comes off as mocking and cynical. In addition, I fear for Maria's condition."
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