Maksim Tereshkov Announces Leaving the Post of Minsk Regional Bar Chairman

Maksim Tereshkov announced stepping down as chairman of the Minsk Regional Bar Association. Summing up the year, Tereshkov noted: "The lawyers of our board have shown that they are true patriots of their motherland, showing day after day that we honor the heroism of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, thanks to whom we all live in our peaceful land.

Maksim Tereshkov became chairman following the reporting-electoral conference of members of the Minsk Regional Bar Association on 28 January 2022. Maksim has become one of the symbols of repression in the Belarusian legal profession. Since 2020, at least 16 lawyers of the Association have been deprived of their licenses. Maksim Tereshkov was a witness for the prosecution in a trumped-up case against attorney Andrei Mochalov. His conflicting testimony and that of former Chairwoman Irina Smirnova constituted the basis of the criminal case. A detailed transcript of the trial can be found at this link.
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