The Qualification Commission Has Conducted Another Certification of Attorneys and the Exams

The Qualification Commission on the Issues of Advocacy in the Republic of Belarus has conducted another certification of attorneys and conducted several exams.

The following candidates successfully passed the qualification exam: A. Barhatov, V. Bayandin, M. Zayats, V. Zhukov, A. Zinkevich, A. Poleenko, D. Sikorsky.

An extraordinary certification of A. Golovach has been conducted. According to the Commission, the grounds for the extraordinary certification were "facts indicating insufficient qualification of the attorney, revealed during checks of the professional activities". As a result of the certification, a decision was made on the impossibility of the attorney to fulfill his professional duties due to insufficient qualification.

The Qualification Commission has also decided on the possibility of revoking the license of I. Shabanova due to "the inability of the attorney to fulfill professional duties due to insufficient qualification, confirmed by the decision of the Qualification Commission dated February 15, 2024”.
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