Right to Defence participated in OSCE international conference

On October 3, the OSCE Human Dimension Conference commenced in Warsaw and lasted until October 13.

The Right to Defence project, as well as the Belarusian Association of Human Rights Lawyers participated in the conference.

This conference stands as one of the largest gatherings in the field of human rights. In attendance this year were 1500 participants, including representatives of states and non-governmental organizations. Over the 8-day conference, the attendees engaged in discussions about democracy establishment, human rights, the rule of law, judicial system independence, as well as prevention and elimination of discrimination.

Special attention at the conference was paid to the OSCE's role in facilitating the investigation of human rights violations in Belarus, as well as the consequences of the migration crisis on the border with the EU, bringing the perpetrators to justice and ending the legal crisis. The role of Belarusian state authorities in crimes against humanity committed against the Ukrainian population was discussed separately.

Consistent with the previous year, the official representatives of Belarus and Russia were absent.
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