Six Attorneys Have Their Licenses Revoked. One of Them is in Pre-trial Detention

On January 25, 2023 the Qualification Commission on Issues of Advocacy in the Republic of Belarus held a regular certification of attorneys of the Minsk Regional Bar Association.

Upon the certification results, the Qualification Commission decided:

  • that attorneys O. Belaya (she defended Maryna Zolatava, T*T.BY editor-in-chief, in the "T*T.BY case" (still pending)), N. Volkova, O. Demidchik, S. Demianchuk can’t perform their professional duties due to insufficient qualifications.

The Commission also decided on the possibility of termination of the attorney’s license for Tatsiana Lishankova (Tatsiana defended political prisoners Pavel Seviarynets, Pavel Vinahradau, Nasta Loika, Andrei Chepyuk, Tatsiana Vodolazhskaya, she was detained by officers of the Main Directorate for Combating Organised Crime on 29 November 2022, a transcript of her administrative trial in Russian can be found at this link) and Dzmitry Pigul (he was detained by KGB on 28 September 2022, allegedly on charges under Article 407 of the Criminal Code ("Disclosure of data of the preliminary investigation or a closed trial"), Dzmitry defended the defendants in the "Busly liaciać" case, political prisoner Alena Malinovskaya) since they were subjected by the Minsk City Bar to disciplinary sanctions — exclusion from the Bar for "committing offenses incompatible with the lawyer’s title".
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