August 19th Is Vitaly Braginets’ Birthday

August 19th marks the birthday of the political prisoner and attorney, Vitaly Braginets.

One can send birthday congratulations to Vitaly via letter or telegram at the following address: Correctional facility №17, 213004, Shklov, 1-ya Zavodskaya Str., 8.

The Right to Defence project would like to join the congratulations published by the Belarusian Association of Human Rights Lawyers. We wish Vitaly a restoration of his freedom, health, faith in himself, and a prompt return to his profession.

"Many of us know Vitaly as a highly qualified, principled, and passionate attorney dedicated to his clients. On February 2, 2023, Vitaly was sentenced to 8 years in prison under illegitimate grounds and without proper due process. For many, Vitaly's integrity in his work has set an example of what an attorney should be in life. We urge you not to forget our currently incarcerated colleagues, and encourage you to write letters to them and provide support to their relatives."
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