Eight Attorneys Disbarred at Once, Including the Detained Defenders in the "Revolutionary Action" Case

On November 3, 2022 the Qualification Commission on Advocacy conducted a regular certification of attorneys.

Ultimately, it has decided:
  • On the impossibility for the attorney Lyudmila Asievskaya to fulfill her professional duties due to her poor qualification;
  • On the possibility of termination of the license in relation to Vladimir Angelsky (who was earlier subjected to administrative responsibility; he defended Vitaly Braginets), Viktoria Gulkova (she was a defender in the “Revolutionary Action” case, and was detained with Mikhail Makarov), Alexander Emelianenko, O. Zhukov, Mikhail Makarov (he was detained; earlier he defended suspects in the “Revolutionary Action” case), Anastasiya Saganovich (she was detained) — since attorneys  were subjected to disciplinary liability and were excluded from the territorial bar associations for committing misgivings incompatible with the title of a lawyer;
  • On the possibility of termination of licenses in respect of E. Gribok, Sergei Kishenev, Dmitry Mironenko — due to the decisions on their inability to perform their professional duties because of poor qualification.

In total, eight lawyers were deprived of their right to profession at once.

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