Political Prisoner Alexander Danilevich Was Excluded from the Bar

A regular certification of attorneys from territorial collegiums was conducted by the Qualification Commission.

Based on the results, the Qualification Commission has made the decision to terminate the licenses to practice law for Alexander Danilevich, as the Minsk City Bar Association, in light of his conviction for an intentional crime, resolved to exclude him. V. Petrov's license was also revoked “due to his inability to perform professional duties”, established by the decision of the Minsk City Bar Association.

We remind you that on April 10, 2023, Judge Tatsiana Falkovskaia sentenced Alexander Danilevich to a 10-year imprisonment term. The prosecution argued that Mr. Danilevich, "despite being an attorney and a candidate of law with specialized knowledge in jurisprudence", intentionally assisted his clients, the athletes, "by providing legal advice regarding international sports law".

Mr. Danilevich is a highly accomplished attorney, arbitrator and lecturer. In 1996, he graduated from the BSU Law Faculty with a specialization in international law and interned abroad. Alexander is so talented that he speaks seven languages fluently. He is the first and sole Belarusian arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration of Sport in Lausanne, which specializes in sports disputes. Until February 2020, Alexander headed the Belarusian Rugby Federation.
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