Investigative Committee Concluded Investigation Into the Case Against Attorney Alexander Danilevich

The Investigative Committee has completed its investigation into the case against the attorney Alexander Danilevich. He is accused of calling for sanctions against Belarusian sport and "discrediting domestic enterprises to foreign partners".

"In the course of the investigation it was established that despite having a higher legal education and practice in the legal sphere, the "attorney" decided to support extremists and adherents of legal nihilism. He actively contributed to the processes of formation of public calls of extremists to harm the national security of the Republic of Belarus. In order to destabilize the economic situation, the accused was engaged in discrediting domestic enterprises to foreign partners. One of the brightest examples of Danilevich's criminal activity is preparation of letters and documents to the Norwegian company Yara", — states the report of the Investigative Committee.

The investigation qualifies the attorney’s actions under the following articles of the Criminal Code of Belarus:

- Article 16, Part 6 and Article 361, Part 3 (Appeals to measures of restrictive character (sanctions), other actions directed to inflict damage to the national security of the Republic of Belarus)

- Article 361-4, Part 1 (Contributing to extremist activities).

The criminal investigation has been completed, and the materials have been passed to the prosecutor to be sent to court.
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