Recent Certification Outcomes

The year ends with updates regarding the certification outcomes from the Qualification Commission under the Ministry of Justice. On December 21, 2023, the Qualification Commission for Advocacy in the Republic of Belarus conducted an examination for applicants intending to become attorneys.

The qualification exam was successfully passed by Vitaly Basalyko, Evgeny Kurnasenko and Olga Usova.

Additionally, another certification for attorneys of the territorial bar was held. This led to the Qualification Commission determining the inability of attorneys S. Birilova from the Grodno Regional Bar and A. Novitsky from the Minsk Regional Bar to perform their professional duties. Furthermore, the Commission considered terminating the licences of attorneys A. Volchkov and A. Lazarenko, following their expulsion from the Minsk City Bar Association due to 'the entry into force of a court sentence convicting the attorney of intentional crimes.' N. Tarasyuk’s licence is also terminated due to 'poor expertise.' We previously reported on attorney Volchkov, who was under suspicion of bribery; it appears that he has now been sentenced.
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