Prosecutor Requests Two Years of Freedom Restriction for Disbarred Andrei Mochalov

The criminal trial against former attorney Andrei Mochalov has been considered in the Leninsky district court of Minsk since June 6. He is charged under Article 380 (1) of the Criminal Code. The lawyer had allegedly forged a warrant to participate in the criminal trial, although he allegedly knew that by that time he had been expelled from the Minsk Regional Bar Association. Judge Angela Kostyukevich, who tried Mochalov’s client, filed a complaint to the prosecutor's office against him. The complaint states that the attorney appeared in court with invalid documents.

On June 13, the oral hearing took place, where the prosecutor requested two years of restriction of freedom under home confinement ("domashnyaya khimiya") for the accused. The verdict will be announced June 16, by Judge Tatiana Shostik.

Mochalov's lawyer Vitaly Braginets has been under administrative arrest since May 25, so he was not present at any of his client’s trials.

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