Human Rights Defender Nasta Loika Received Her 4th 15-day Administrative Arrest This Fall

Her administrative case was considered in the court of Pervomaisky district.

The hearing took place online. As a result, Nasta was given 15 days of administrative arrest under Article 19.1 (“petty hooliganism”).

The case was considered by Anastasia Leikouskaya. Nasta was accused of "shouting and waving her arms around, behaving aggressively and provocatively while being in room 112 at Belinski str. 10 [the police department of Pervomaisky district]; she did not react to the remarks, thus violating public order, showing a clear disrespect for society.”

At the trial, Nasta claimed that during her last 15 days of arrest she was called for questioning with the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption (GUBOPiK) officers, where she was tasered once; on November, 11 a detention facility officer officer took her out into the courtyard and left her without her outer clothing for eight hours. Nasta fell seriously ill.

None of Nasta and her attorney’s motions were granted.

During all this time, there was a possibility to transfer only medications to the detention center, however, there is information they were not handed over to Nasta. She is still in custody without warm clothes or personal hygiene products.

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