Belarusian Helsinki Committee Has Released a Review of Public Policy Trends for July-December 2023

The Belarusian Helsinki Committee has published a review covering public policy trends in the human rights domain for July-December 2023. You can subscribe to the newsletter "Human Rights in Belarus: Main Trends in Public Policy".

The review highlights the substantive changes in Belarusian public policy in the field of human rights and reactions to it of the international community in three areas:

· general measures: systemic things — legislation, strategies, policies, that generally determine the conditions and background for the implementation of human rights in Belarus;

· law enforcement: specific violations of civil and political rights, as well as in the field of social, economic, and cultural rights;

· key decisions and reactions of international institutions regarding the situation with human rights in Belarus.

The latest issue details trends for July-December 2023. The list includes heightened controls at border crossing points, increased persecution due to the possession of foreign residence permits and other similar documents, crackdowns on Polish language schools aimed at stemming the emigration of potential university entrants, intensified repressive practices aligned with the 2024 election campaign. As the authors noted at the end of the first half of the year, a general shift towards the formalisation of discrimination took place, which continued in the period under review. Inequality is formalised based on political beliefs or through a utilitarian view of individuals' "usefulness" based on their loyalty to the state or adherence to its values.
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