Dmitry Pigul (the Defender in the Busly liaciać Case) Was Detained

According to human rights defenders, attorney Dmitry Pigul was arrested in Minsk on September 28th. In the evening, he was detained at his home by KGB officers. Presumably, Dmitry was charged under Article 407 of the Criminal Code (disclosure of the preliminary investigation or a closed court session data). According to preliminary information, the attorney is currently in the KGB pre-trial detention center.

Dmitry was an attorney at the trial in the “Busly liaciać” case, the sentences in the latter were handed down the day before attorney's detention (the upper threshold is 15 years in prison). Furthermore, he defended the political prisoner Elena Malinovskaya, who was convicted together with Anatoly Latushko (cousin of a Belarusian politician and diplomat Pavel Latushko).

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