Dmitry Laevsky has announced the termination of his Telegram channel

In his last post on the channel, Dmitry Laevsky stated, "Living in Minsk has its advantages. However, times are not getting any easier. With this post, I am finishing the channel. It, like my Facebook, is 'going down in history.'"

Dmitry Laevsky, an attorney who had his license revoked, had been blogging on Telegram for almost 3 years. He started the blog as a unique initiative, as criminal defense attorneys in Belarus had not previously utilized the platform. Despite losing his license, Dmitry continued to run the channel until he finally decided to bring it to an end.

“Throughout the channel's existence, each text was guided by a single idea: the aspiration for a state governed by the rule of law, where law serves as a means to achieve freedom rather than an instrument of repression. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who read it. It was created for your benefit.”
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