December 16th Marks One Year Since the Passing of Human Rights Defender Aleh Hulak

December 16th marks one year since the passing of human rights defender Aleh Hulak. To honour his memory on this anniversary, Ahel’s colleagues and friends have initiated a project to share their recollections of him.

Pavel Sapelko, Valiantsin Stefanovich, Uladzimir Labkovich, Wojciech Borodzicz-Smoliński, Olga Smolyanko, Yury Chavusau, Dzmitry (a fellow colleague), Sergei Drozdowski, Oleg Ageev, Maria Yasenovska, Barys Haretski, and Yevgenia Klementieva-Holm shared their memories.

On December 10, during the Belarusian Human Rights Community Award ceremony, the organisers paid special tribute to the human rights defender. He was presented with an honorary award outside the regular categories, titled 'For significant contribution to the development of the human rights movement throughout his life'.
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