Another certification left 2 lawyers disbarred, 6 are considered under-qualified

On April 21, 2022, the Qualification Commission on issues of Advocacy in the Republic of Belarus conducted another lawyers' certification.

For some lawyers belonging to the Mogilev Regional Bar (Irina Kovaliova, Natalia Metelitsa, Valery Savostyanchik, Elena Shlyakhto, and Vladimir Shlyakhto) an extraordinary certification was carried out due to the “evidence of professional misconduct” identified in the activities of the mentioned lawyers.

The results of the certification indicate that Irina Kovaliova, Natalia Metelitsa, Vladimir Shlyakhto, Valery Savostyanchik, as well as Maria Kolesova-Gudilina, Igor Kostyuk can’t pursue their professional activities due to “poor expertise”.

The Qualification Commission also disbarred Natalia Alekseyuk and Svetlana Shiyan based on “poor expertise” and “misconduct incompatible with the lawyer’s title” respectively. 

The process of certification is used as an instrument of pressure on the legal community and the disbarment of lawyers defending opponents of the regime on far-fetched ground. More information about it can be found in Russian here.
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