Vitaly Braginets’ Trial Is Conducted In Camera

Human rights activists report that the trial of lawyer Vitaliy Braginets has been closed to the public. We should remind that the lawyer's trial started on Monday, 16th January, under 4 articles of the Criminal Code: Article 130, Part 3 (incitement of hatred), Article 361, Part 3 (call to sanctions), Article 361-1, Part 1 (establishment of an extremist formation or participation in it) and Article 342, Part 1 (active participation in actions that grossly violate the public order). The case is heard by judge Alena Ananich.

The attorney was detained on Monday morning, May 23rd. The court found him guilty of disobedience to a lawful demand of a police officer (Article 24.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences) and sentenced him to administrative arrest for 15 days.

When interviewing witnesses in court, Braginets’ defender asked the witness: "You claim that Vitaly Braginets has tried to escape. Do you insist on it?", to which the witness replied: "Yes, because it was a movement, smoothly turning into a run, towards the open gate. And at the same time, the citizen was addressing those standing at the bus stop. He shouted that he was illegally detained."
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