The results of the exam and re-certification of attorneys

On August 31, the Ministry of Justice conducted an exam for obtaining the status of an attorneys and another certification.

Zhevnov V.S., Larionova A.P., Nadolskaya A.I., Rudkovsky M.V., Sukalo O.N., Shapovalov Yu.V., Khatkevich I.E. successfully passed the exam.

Based on the results of the certification, a decision was made on the compliance of Dyachkov I.V., Kleshchenkova V.B., Klochan E.I., Lyubich O.L., Mikhailov A.V. with legal requirements of the profession.

Since August 31, the licenses of Levkovich E.M., Kholupko E.P. have been terminated in connection with the application of disciplinary sanctions against them by the territorial bar associations in the form of exclusion from the bar for "commission of offenses incompatible with the title of lawyer"; of Medvedev S.V., Suslikov L.V., Tarasyuk M.M. in connection with the results of the attestation on August 10, 2023 (impossibility to fulfill their professional duties "due to insufficient qualifications").
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