The Russian Independent Project Published a Large Material on Repressions in the Belarusan Bar

The Russian independent project devoted to the Bar has released a large material on the Destruction of the Belarusian Bar.

The authors of the article address the period from 2020 to the present. The material employs information from various Belarusian projects, including Right to Defense and the report "The Crisis of the Belarusian Bar: How to Return the Right to Defense", which our editorial board is very proud of. The article also includes interviews with such famous attorneys deprived of their right to profession in Belarus, as Siarhei Zikratski, Liudmila Kazak, Anton Gashynski, Andrei Mochalau.

The article will be of interest to Belarusian attorneys, both current and former, due to its outside perspective on what is happening with the Belarusian Bar. The article addresses all the key events that led to the current situation:

  • the beginning of repressions against attorneys who spoke out in the media about violations of the rights of their defendants and clients;
  • changes in the legislation on the legal profession;
  • the transfer of the execution of repressive practices from the Ministry of Justice to fellow attorneys in the councils of territorial bar associations;
  • prosecution of attorneys defending political prisoners;
  • persecution of attorneys for any forms of association and solidarity.

The Right to Defence project is grateful to the colleagues for highlighting existing problems and assisting in preventing the situation from normalizing.
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