Yulia Yurgilevich Trial: the Prosecution Requests 6 Years Imprisonment

The prosecution is seeking a 6-year prison sentence for Pavel Mazheika and Yulia Yurgilevich

The pleadings took place on July 14th, and the accused will have their last pleas on July 20th.

Yulia and Pavel are charged under Part 2 of Article 361-4 of the Criminal Code for "[providing] other assistance to extremist activities committed repeatedly by a group of persons by prior agreement." According to state media reports on the case materials, attorney Yulia Yurgilevich is accused of publicly disclosing information about the revocation of her license and removal from the Bar (this information was already known).

Yulia Yurgilevich previously served as the attorney for the artist Ales Pushkin, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for "inciting discord" and "desecration of state symbols" in March 2022. His death was reported on July 11th.

Yulia Yurgilevich is accused, in particular, of allegedly publicizing information about the sentence imposed on Pushkin.

Links to the first and second days of the trial.
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